Saturday, 17 June 2017

Lots of Strawberries for Picking!

We are now picking our "Symphony" variety Strawberries and there are lots of them! We are in-between crops for Broad Beans but you will still find some if you look...lots more to come in a week or so. Our Gooseberries will be starting PYO soon but due to the late May frosts we do not have a big crop of them this year. We still have some Sweet William flowers in the PYO. And lots more crops to follow on soon....Raspberries, Courgettes,Currants, Blueberries .....and more!
  Don't forget that Andy Johnson's Fish Van is in our Farm Shop car park Wednesdays and Saturdays 11-2pm with fabulous fresh fish and the Tea Barn is now open Tuesday  to Sunday 10-5pm for lunches and teas using our lovely produce.
Happy Picking

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